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Injection lipolysis for face

Time to say goodbye to your double chin!

Excessive amount of adipose tissue within the area of face is quite a common problem that is very difficult to deal with. It is worth knowing that it can affect anyone – including slim people. What can be done when no tried and true methods bring results? Learn more about the injection lipolysis – effective treatment offered by modern aesthetic medicine!

How does it work?

Injection lipolysis is a quick and non-invasive method making it possible to get rid of unwanted excess of fat tissue from small, topical areas of the body – and face. It is frequently carried out to model the chin and reduce saggy cheeks. Thanks to this treatment your face will become slimmer and its contours will be much better defined.

What is the injection lipolysis procedure?

A special substance (based on phosphatidylcholine, sodium deoxycholate or both, as well as peptides) is injected directly into the target area with a very thin needle. The substance dissolves fat and makes it burn faster, and its dose is adjusted individually to each Patient.

Injection lipolysis – results

Injection lipolysis helps to achieve specific and intended results in precise areas of the Patient’s face. These results include:

  • reduction of the double chin,
  • removal of saggy cheeks on both sides of the face,
  • thickening of the skin,
  • rejuvenation and slimming of the face.

The injection lipolysis reduces several centimetres within the area of the face, improves skin cell metabolism and stimulates skin regeneration.


  • Who needs injection lipolysis?

    Injection lipolysis of the face is recommended mainly for persons who want to:

    • improve the contour of their face and reduce local adipose tissue;
    • lift the skin and smoothen the wrinkles;
    • regenerate the skin of their face.
  • What are the contraindications?

    The main contraindications to injection lipolysis include: pregnancy and breastfeeding, liver and kidney diseases, blood coagulation diseases or skin infections within the area to be treated. All contraindications will be discussed with the Patient during the consultation visit.

  • How long does the injection lipolysis treatment take?

    The injection lipolysis takes approx. 20-40 minutes, depending on the treated area.

  • How many treatments are required to achieve best results?

    It is recommended to have 3-8 treatments. The results achieved thanks to the injection lipolysis are long-lasting.

  • What are the recommendations after the injection lipolysis?

    After the treatment you should drink plenty of fluids, undergo lymphatic massage and do physical exercise.

  • What is the time of recovery after the injection lipolysis treatment?

    No time of recovery is required after the treatment, but the area of injections may be reddened, swollen, bruised and sensitive to touch for a number of days.

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