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PrimeLase hair removal for men

Effective and permanent removal of unwanted hair

Laser hair removal for men is getting more and more popular. No surprise – state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to treat many areas of the body in a comfortable and precise way. The PrimeLase laser hair removal is currently one of the best methods for hair removal.

How does the PimeLase hair removal work?

In our Pokorna Clinic in Warsaw we use the modern PrimeLase laser platform from Cocoon Medical. The device is equipped with a diode head that makes it possible to remove any type of hair, and with the Crystal Freeze cooling system that makes the treatment totally painless. The procedure results in complete removal of hair from many areas of the body, as the laser beam reaches the hair roots and destroys them without exception.

What is the procedure of our PrimeLase treatment?

Our specialist uses a technologically advanced device equipped with two powerful heads. The procedure may be carried out on many areas of the men’s body, such as chin, upper lip, armpits, calves, thighs, arms, buttocks and chest. The treatment is highly effective – just a few sessions will remove your hair for good. The laser beam is directed locally at a selected area and permanently destroys any hair roots.

PrimeLase laser hair removal – results

Smooth skin forever is the best result of our laser hair removal. Although several sessions are required to enjoy the full effect, the first result is noticeable right after the first treatment – your hair will become much thinner and sparser than before.


  • Who can benefit from the PrimeLase treatment?

    The PrimeLase laser hair removal treatment is dedicated both for women and men. Thanks to a powerful diode head, the laser beam is able to destroy roots of any hair, regardless of their type and colour.

  • Laser hair removal – contraindications

    Do ogólnych przeciwwskazań do wykonania tego zabiegu należą: bielactwo, łuszczyca, stany zapalne skóry, nowotwory czy świeża opalenizna.

  • How many treatments are required for the best results?

    The laser targets hair at anagen phase of growth, so we recommend to have approx. 6-8 treatments to obtain most satisfactory results.

  • Is laser hair removal safe?

    The PrimeLase laser hair removal treatment is fully comfortable and safe. The laser beam reaches the top layers of your skin, without affecting any organs of your body in any way. In order to check the individual skin reaction we will test the laser before each procedure.

  • How should you prepare for the PrimeLase laser hair removal?

    Do not pull out hair before the laser hair removal treatment. Shave hair the day before or on the day of the treatment. The last peeling may be carried out no later than a week before the treatment. Do not apply any skin care products on the day of the treatment.

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