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Multipolar RF + Oxygen infusion

Relaks i odmłodzenie podczas jednej wizyty

A moment of pleasure for you and spectacular results for your skin! Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, contemporary aesthetic medicine is not only non-invasive, but also makes it possible to feel pleasure during the procedure. Multipolar RF radio wave and oxygen infusion combined together will improve the condition of your skin during just one visit.

How to the combined Multipolar RF + oxygen infusion treatment work?

Depending on the preparations selected by our cosmetologist, the treatment makes it possible to boost the condition of your skin and ensures its glow, smoothness and firmness. Thanks to the specifics of HydraPure device used during this treatment, the visit will also bring a considerable dose of relaxation and pleasure to the Patient.

What is the procedure of our combined Multipolar RF and oxygen infusion treatment?

The treatment consists in a massage made with a warm head of our advanced HydraPure device. Then our cosmetologist applies a selected preparation with suitable properties with the use of a specialist nozzle (also being a part of the HydraPure device).

What are the results of our combined Multipolar RF and oxygen infusion treatment?

Combination of these two advanced technologies brings exceptional results during just one visit. Oxygen infusion deeply oxygenates the skin and makes it possible to apply an individually selected preparation, giving your skin visible glow and deep hydration. Multipolar RF improves tonus, thickness and firmness of your skin as well as makes your face look slimmer.


  • Who needs the Multipolar RF + oxygen infusion treatment?

    This treatment is most appreciated by busy people who want to get visible results in a short period of time. The oxygen infusion reduces any signs of skin hypoxia and has the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Multipolar RF does a great job in case of persons willing to get rid of a double chin, wrinkles or drooping eyelids.

  • What are the contraindications?

    The most common contraindications to this treatment include: pregnancy, hypertension, cancer, skin inflammation and herpes. All will be discussed in details during an individual consultation visit.

  • How long does the combined Multipolar RF and oxygen infusion take?

    This treatment takes approx. 60 minutes.

  • What is the time of recovery after the treatment?

    This treatment requires no time for recovery, it is painless and completely safe. Its results are visible immediately after the procedure.

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