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Multipolar RF

Regain youth thanks to facelift without a scalpel

Facial lifting without a surgery? Now it is possible! One of the novel methods applied in the modern aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate your look is the use of radio waves. This technology is applied in one of the innovative treatments offered by our clinic – the – Multipolar RF. The treatment brings spectacular effects with no need to perform a surgery.

How does the Multipolar RF work?

Radio waves emitted by the Multipolar RF device impact both the superficial, and deep layers of the skin – this is currently one of the most effective methods for reduction of cellulite and fat tissue and restoring the young appearance of the skin. And all that with no need to use a scalpel, in a non-invasive and pain-free way.

What is the procedure?

The treatment consists in a volumetric warming of the subcutaneous tissue and dermis. How does it work? The head of the device emits waves that make the flabby adipose tissue shrink. It is then broken down and dissolved under the influence of elevated temperature. As a result the skin is stimulated to form collagen and elastin, any toxins are removed and lymphatic drainage gets accelerated.

Multipolar RF – results

Multipolar RF treatment of the face brings clearly visible results. The most common include:

  • highlighted face contours,
  • visible face lifting,
  • reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite,
  • removal of double chin,
  • slimming and improved skin flexibility,
  • reduction of skin sagging, as well as scars and stretch marks.

Due to significantly improved circulation, the first results are noticeable after the first treatments. After a series of procedures the skin changes for approximately 6 months, so the result keeps getting better. The final result of the Multipolar RF treatments last for a number of years.

Multipolar RF – who needs it?

  • Multipolar RF – who needs it?

    The treatment is recommended for Patients struggling with:

    • drooping eyelids and flaccid skin on the face,
    • visible double chin,
    • wrinkles and deteriorated condition of the skin on the face.
  • What are de contraindications to Multipolar RF treatment?

    All contraindications and every individual case are discussed during the consultation, but the most common contraindications to this treatment include: tumours, high hypertension and pregnancy.

  • How long does the Multipolar RF treatment last?

    A single Multipolar RF lasts from 20 to 60 minutes.

  • How many Multipolar RF treatments are required to enjoy the best result?

    The best results are achieved after a series of treatments (from 6 to 10) carried out at the intervals indicated by our specialist.

  • What is the required time for recovery after the Multipolar RF treatment?

    The treatment is painless and no time of recovery is required.

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