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Stimulators for the eye area

Safe and effective rejuvenation of the eye area

Your eyes speak a lot about emotions you experience. Your eyes are where everyone looks in during conversations. No surprise, we want this part of our face look radiant with a youthful glow. Tissue stimulators for the area of the eyes will do the job! 

How do the tissue stimulators work?

The skin around the eyes is one of the thinnest in the entire human body. This is why it should be treated with particular care. Tissue stimulators dedicated for the area of the eyes will reduce signs of passing time with maximum safety. This treatment is designed to stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin to produce elastin and collagen.

Stimulators of the eye area – what is the procedure?

Stimulators are the substances of natural origin, so the risk of any adverse reactions is minimised. The preparation that is injected into skin contains an individually selected stimulator responsible for triggering the skin components to act. As a result, the structure of your skin will become more flexible and hydrated.

Tissue stimulators of the eye area – results

The treatment with the use of tissue stimulators is often carried out in order to get rid of mimic wrinkles, bags and dark circles under the eyes. Improved blood circulation in the tissues makes your skin tone look much better and reduces any swelling.


  • Who needs the tissue stimulators?

    The treatment is recommended when the first signs of skin ageing appear around the eyes, skin becomes grey and the mimic wrinkles get deeper. It will also work great in the case of older Patients with more visible signs of ageing.

  • What are the contraindications to this treatment?

    The contraindications include: pregnancy and breastfeeding, diabetes, tumours/cancer and skin inflammations.

  • How long does the treatment take?

    The treatment takes approx. 30 minutes. We use anaesthesia to make the procedure comfortable for our Patients.

  • How many treatments are required to gain satisfactory results?

    Series of treatments differ in case of different preparations. During a visit, our specialist will suggest certain number of treatments for each Patient individually. Usually, we recommend a series of 3 treatments.

  • Tissue stimulators of the area of the eyes – time for recovery

    No time for recovery is required, but immediately after the treatment your skin may be reddened or swollen – these signs will disappear within several hours from the injection of preparation.

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