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Nano-needle mesotherapy

Give your skin some natural youth!

Modern aesthetic medicine keeps surprising us with new capabilities every day. High-class equipment makes it possible to offer treatments that once we could only dream about. The nano-needle mesotherapy is one of such procedures, allowing skin rejuvenation in a non-surgical and painless way.

How does the nano-needle mesotherapy work?

The main goal of the nano-needle mesotherapy is to activate natural components present in the human skin. Thanks to a series of nano-injections, the procedure triggers tissue regeneration, resulting in increased production of collagen and elastin in the treated area. Furthermore, a special cartridge with pins/nano-tips is used to inject nutrients that additionally support healthy appearance of the Patient’s skin.

What does the nano-needle mesotherapy consist of?

The procedure is carried out with the needles that are thinner than those used for traditional mesotherapy. The skin is pierced to a small depth of 0.1 mm, so it can effectively absorb the injected preparation. The undeniable advantage of this treatment is for sure the possibility of individual selection of active substances that will bring best results. The treatment is gentle and completely painless. Many Patients find it pleasant as it reminds them of a delicate massage.

Nano-needle mesotherapy – results

A series of micro-injections stimulates the skin to produce more of its natural building components and the injected substances additionally make it possible to experience visible changes. The results of the nano-needle mesotherapy include:

  • more elastic and firm skin,
  • smooth and even skin surface,
  • reduction of fine lines,
  • reduction of scars,
  • hydration and brightening of the skin,
  • narrowing of skin pores and capillaries,
  • lifting of facial contours as well as the upper and lower eyelid.

After the nano-needle mesotherapy treatment the skin is clearly rejuvenated and regains its healthy, radiant glow.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

  • Who needs the nano-needle mesotherapy treatment?

    This procedure can be performed at any age and for any type of the skin. It will work great in case of persons with sensitive, prone to acne and capillary skin, as well as in persons with diabetes who struggle with impaired wound healing. Because the needles penetrate a shallow area of the skin, this treatment is also suitable for sensitive facial areas, such as the eyes (both the upper and the lower eyelid).

  • What are the contraindications to nano-needle mesotherapy treatment?

    Standard contraindications to this treatment include: pregnancy and breastfeeding, infections, skin cancer, herpes and purulent acne. Our cosmetologist will decide, during the consultation visit, whether this treatment is recommended in each individual case.

  • How long does the nano-needle mesotherapy treatment take?

    The treatment takes approx. 20-60 minutes, depending on the area of the body.

  • How many nano-needle mesotherapy treatments are required to get the best results?

    The results of the treatments are visible immediately after the first procedure, but the best results can be achieved by having 3 to 6 treatments every 3-4 weeks.

  • What is the time of recovery?

    No time for recovery is required after the nano-needle mesotherapy, but shortly after the treatment the skin may be slightly reddened.

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